October 27, 2019 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am - Warm Room

Session Leader - Rich Lousararian


Do you know all there is to know or all you want to know about skipping and curling strategy?   If so, the Club needs your help.  Please consider attending this session so that you can share your knowledge and help the rest of us.

If you have no interest in ever being a skip or a vice skip but love the game of curling and want to improve,  then you should also consider attending.  Gaining a better understanding of the game will help your game.Are you a new skip?  Are you a new vice skip?  Do you wish to become a skip or vice skip down the road?

Are you an experienced skip?  Are you an experienced curler with some or a lot of skip and vice skip experience?  Curious why a particular shot is called?  Are you interested in improving as a curler?  If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you should seriously consider attending this session. 

The session will be a mix of lecture, audience interaction and discussion of some specific real game situations.  We will discuss and review the basics of skipping.  We will look at real game situations and discuss what shot you might choose and why that choice is good or why another choice may be "better".  We will also discuss how the New 5 Rock Free Guard Zone has changed how you might call a game. 

Did the above eliminate any possible attendees?  Hopefully not.  Any and all should get something useful out of this session. 

Two common situations:

  • You are up 4 in the last end with the hammer. What is the "last" thing you want your lead to throw?
  • You are down 3 in the last end with the hammer. What call for your leads 2 stones would give you the least chance of pulling out the win or tie?

"Answers" at the session

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