The Thornton Cup

     The top two open league teams compete for this trophy at the end of the curling season.  The annual "Pull the Plug" party (one of the most attended social events of the year) always follows the Thornton Cup match.  Following dinner (and sometimes during dinner) kids of ALL ages take to the ice on skates, trays, chairs, sledges, or just about anything that will slide for a little non-curling fun.


‘WEE’ history of the THORNTON CUP:

     In 1976, Anne and Dave Dewees donated the cup in honor of Nina and Dick Thornton. The Thornton’s helped to underwrite and keep the club ‘afloat’ during the early years. Dick never curled, but Nina did. Their gracious home in Sippewisset was open for many social functions. Their home is still owned by family. During the early summer bonspiels three games would be played: one was curling, second of jarts (this is the correct name), now banned as too dangerous for children (and probably senior, seniors). There were ring targets at opposite ends. A jart looks like a long dart with a sharp point and wings and would be tossed at the rings. The third game was lawn bowling at the Thornton’s with more social activities following.   One could say social first, curling second!

     Ask some members who have been active for years of the activities held at the club. Their memories are terrific and their evenings memorable.


Submitted by Gretchen Partridge

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Located in Falmouth Massachusetts, we are a not-for-profit 3 sheet club founded in 1969, dedicated to education and development of this honorable sport for all ages, from 6 upwards.  We are a fully accessible facility. We also serve our community through regular fund raising events.