Second Half Monday 4PM - Team Listing

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead
Abeltin Abeltin, Elizabeth Ballou, Tom Belfit, Gabrielle Forsberg, Ann Email The Team
Amaral Amaral, Glenn Duester, Al Lino, Meghan Ward, Sally Email The Team
Benedict Benedict, Todd Galligan, Natalie Pistilli, Linda Perella, Anne Email The Team
Enos Enos, Barbara Clark, Peter Hannon, Jane Kraszeski, Mary Email The Team
Hutchinson Hutchinson, Jamie Howe, Paula Howe, Artie Cozza, Karen Email The Team
Neill Neill, Clark Murphy, Katie Trainor, Daniel Sullivan, Eileen Email The Team
O'Connor O'Connor, Richard Baybutt, Philip O'Connor, JoAnn Trainor, Sandra Email The Team
Sylvia Sylvia, Frank Garrison, Dave Becker, Meg Benedict, Karin Email The Team

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