Junior Curling

    Per USCA Guidelines, Cape Cod Curling Club is SafeSport Compliant

    Youth Membership

    These programs are offered to those 21 and younger. They do not have key or voting privileges and may not hold office. They may curl in Club sponsored youth programs.

    Juniors1Participants are assigned to Junior or Little Rocker programs, based on age, skill and social development. For those who curl only in the youth programs (no adult leagues) the dues are $75.

    Junior level curlers may curl in adult leagues under the following conditions:

    1.The Curling Committee considers them to be experienced and sufficiently mature to curl as an adult

    2. They (or their parent or guardian, if under 18) must sign a RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM  which will be kept on file at the Club.

    For those juniors who curl in the adult leagues the dues are $135 which covers participation in both the Junior youth program and adult league curling.

    $75 (Youth program)
    $135 (Youth curling/adult leagues)


    Contact Us

    Cape Cod Curling Club

    P.O. Box 396 
    Falmouth MA, 02541 USA

    Tel: (508) 540-2414

    Email: [email protected]

    Club Information

    Located in Falmouth Massachusetts, we are a not-for-profit 3 sheet club founded in 1969, dedicated to education and development of this honorable sport for all ages, from 6 upwards.  We are a fully accessible facility. We also serve our community through regular fund raising events.