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The Cape Cod Curling Club, Inc., offers a variety of membership categories to provide our members with a flexible and affordable dues schedule consistent with the operating needs of the club. Our membership categories are detailed below. For new curlers, i.e., those who are trying curling for the first time, we offer an Entry Level Membership designed to teach you the game and let you get to know our Club and its members. For those who have curled before, we offer a full season's curling at very reasonable price. Grand National Curling Club (GNCC), United States Curling Association (USCA), and United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA) membership is included with all membership types marked with and asterik (*).

All Members, without exception, before entering the Ice Shed are required to sign a Participant’s Release Form on an annual basis, (see Appendix Exhibits 1 & 2) and be current with all dues payments. The following are classes of membership and dues for each. All age restrictions apply as of October 1. Dues are subject to change upon approval of the Board of Directors.

A. Adult Full Resident* For adults 22 and over. Full members have voting rights and privileges to access the property and may hold any office unless otherwise stipulated. Full members are able to play in leagues, friendlies, in house bonspiels, social curling, and morning pick up curling. Full members may sub and sign up for practice ice. Full members are eligible for play as Cape Cod in any GNCC, USWCA, or USCA sponsored events for which they qualify. Full members are counted as Cape Cod Curling Club (CCCC) members in CCCC hosted events.
For ages 30 and over - $520
For under 30 - $370 (Must be under 30 at start of fall curling season)
Full-time Students - $200 (Age 22 & older who are enrolled in full time academic program)
Non-Residents-$440 (Must reside on Cape Cod east of the line separating the towns of Barnstable
and Yarmouth, or on the mainland side of the Cape Cod Canal, or on Martha’s Vineyard or

B. Half Year Membership Conditions are the same as Full membership but member plans to curl in either the first or second sessions only. For the session they are not curling, membership privileges are the same as for a social member. This may affect member's eligibility for GNCC, USWCA, or USCA sponsored events . Dues: $320 Non-Resident $280

C. Associate Member This membership is for those curlers living over 50 miles from the Club, who are also members of another curling club. An Associate Member has property access privileges and may represent CCCC in both in-house and away bonspiels. In invitational bonspiels hosted by CCCC they would represent their primary club. Associate members may play in friendlies, pick up curling, social curling, and may reserve practice ice. Associate Members may not play in leagues and may not sub. Associate Members do not have voting rights and may not hold office. Dues $150

D. Social Member Open to all ages 22 and over. Social members have full voting rights and privileges to access the property and may hold any office unless otherwise stipulated. They are permitted to curl in Friendlies and once per month in PICK-UP Curling; excludes Bonspiels and Special Event curling.
Dues: $80

E. Introduction to Curling (Learn to Curl) Adult This membership is for adult individuals new to curling. It entitles  the individual to participate in the LEARN TO CURL program for one half of a season (fall or winter). Members in this category do not have voting rights and may not hold office but may participate in all Club curling and social functions.  $100 for one half season.

F. Intermediate Adult This membership is for adult individuals who have completed the Introduction to Curling (LEARN TO CURL) program. It entitles an individual to curl for one further half of a season (fall or winter). Those persons wishing to continue to curl may do so by enrolling in their chosen Adult Membership category. Intermediate members do not have voting rights and may not hold office but do have Club access privileges and can participate in all Club curling and social functions. Dues: $200 or 50% of the chosen adult category annual dues, whichever is the lesser.

G. Youth These programs are offered to those 21 and younger. They do not have voting rights or privileges to access the property unless accompanied by an adult member and may not hold office. They may curl in Club sponsored youth programs. Participants are assigned to Little Rocker programs based on age, skill and social development. Youth dues are capped at a maximum rate per immediate family of an amount equal to not more than the cost for two children based on the current annual youth dues regardless of the number of children enrolled from that family of siblings. Dues: $100
Elevated Juniors Dues: $150.00

For more information about elevated Juniors, please refer to our Operating Policies and Procedures

H. Honorary The board may nominate, and the members may elect as an Honorary Member any person who has rendered noteworthy service to the club. Honorary members may take part in discussion at meetings of the Club but shall have no voting rights and may not hold an office. Honorary membership may be revoked at any time by the board of directors.

I. Life The Board of Directors may vote to elect as Life Member any person who has rendered outstanding service to the club, particularly as to sizable gifts for the acquisition of property orequipment. Life members may participate in discussions at meetings of the Club and may vote and hold office. Life members are not required to pay membership dues but shall pay applicable USCA, USWCA and GNCC dues

J. Temporary All persons attending club functions such as open houses, bonspiels, friendlies or other club sponsored events, either as participants or as guests of members, shall be Temporary Members of the Cape Cod Curling Club and be subject to all of the rules, regulations and traditions governing involvement in said event and the conduct of persons in or upon Club premises. They may not play in Club leagues or play downs. They do not have voting rights and may not hold office.are to be met for each event.

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Located in Falmouth Massachusetts, we are a not-for-profit 3 sheet club founded in 1969, dedicated to education and development of this honorable sport for all ages, from 6 upwards.  We are a fully accessible facility. We also serve our community through regular fund raising events.